LionSoul are born in 2012, their sound is built on european style power metal with some classical heavy and hard rock influences. After the first live appearances and an intense period of they released their first album “Omega” in december 2013, a concept on the Greek history and mythology well received by the critics, the band take its first steps on important stages such as the Metal For Emergency Festival with Domine, Iron Savior and Gammaray or Biker fest in Cologno al Serio (BG) with Kissin'Dynamite. In April 2016 they entered the studio to record the successor of Omega under the production of the Italian melodic metal master Alessandro del Vecchio, the 10 tracks full-lenght titled "Welcome Storm" comes out on june the 23th under the label Limb Music the sound of the Lion is now more raw and gloomy, the lyrics mostly describe a dystopian vision of society set against some fairly utopian situations, the beautiful cover designed by Stan W. Decker (Blackmore’s Night, Megadeth, Primal Fear and many more) depicts the half-divine entity Gilgamesh, dropped down from a lion's head spaceship, creating a storm, in a world where people are waiting for a messiah. 2018 has been a year full of great live shows and for the very first time a Spanish tour with the mighty Tygers Of Pan Tang taking getting a very good response and taking the band to a more international dimension. BIO